November 3, 2016

Blog Design and Maintenance


Are you blogging today? If not, then you are missing opportunity to be the part of very dominant culture in web world today.

If you want your product to reach your targeted customer, then blogs are an ideal way. Blogs have greater potential to increase your sales and meet your business needs. Blog happened in year 1999, when companies introduced blogging software and tools. Since then the number of bloggers have increased by leaps by bounds. Blogs are categorized into two:

Personal blogs are like posting your personal diary online.

Business blogs are utilized to connect to your potential customers to increase the sales of your product and enhance your business profit. To make your business, online blog is influential and economical to connect with innumerable visitors on the web.

It’s a powerful tool for SEO, as more traffic will help you to get more visitors turned customers and enhance your page ranking. Those who are keen on selling products online, we design specific blogs for them. If you have one e-commerce site and thinking of gaining the competitive edge over your rivals you have reached the right place.

Blog design and development is time consuming, so we do it for you. If you are one of those site owners who don’t have any knowledge or experience about blogs, we are there for you.

Key features of Blog Design and Maintenance:

• Design blog specific to business needs.
• Perform search engine optimization to increase page ranking.
• Related blog comment posting should be there.
• Connect with popular bloggers to create the brand value.
• Put your company updates, services and products in the blog post.
• Constant monitoring of user experience
• Innovative steps to improve performance.

Organic SEO does professional blogging, with experienced and experts bloggers who set up your blog and promote it so that you can easily read it. Before we step in, we go through a series of steps before we develop your blog.

Set Up Platform

The platform you choose for blogging is important. We help you decide the perfect set up like wordpress or any other popular platform.


We decide the look of your blog based on the nature of products and services sold online because it’s essential to attract customers to your site.

Selection of Keywords

We do extensive analysis of your business and products that you are selling online and then we go for keyword research to find out those keywords that suit your business.

Content Writing

Content is written by expert bloggers following keywords chosen for your business.


Blogs are optimized in the last phase to bring in huge incoming traffic. Off page SEO is done to attract specific customers.