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Our Experience & Focus

Website Audit & Evaluation

95%+ Of Your Site Traffic Doesn’t Convert. Are your Wondering Why?.

Online SEO Audit’s use automated software and are very useful. However our website audit will give you a expert view on your site and the audit will outline the critical improvements based on your keywords, content, and analytics. The audit includes configuring SEO tools, Google Analytics, and Google Search.

Site Management

We are all about long-term partnerships since SEO is obviously an ongoing process we will continue to review your site to ensure you are winning online sales. We will equip you with the knowledge to do things yourself and help you to outsource things you don’t have the skill set, time, or resources for.

SEO Remote Workshops

Do you need 1 on 1 SEO training?
We can do a screen sharing training sessions where you and your staff can be guided through your WordPress site to research keywords, optimize pages, add snippets & increase click-through rates. We will illustrate how your Google Analytics and Google Search data can make your customer experience unique?

This service gives you the blueprint for success.

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Gartner Group and to make you faster and  number 1 on Google.

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We will cover the following:

  • SEO Analysis and Checker
  • Site Speed
  • Backlink Checker
organicseo are google analytics certified
organic seo are certified google
organicseo work with Magento version 1 and version 2
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Expert Mailchimp and woo ecommerce service with SEO focus.
Easy wordpress update service with SEO focus.

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