Organic SEO

How I can help your business move forward

Each project starts with setting the right expectations and making sure that both our team and your team are on the same page. Our team works to impact your bottom line. We will enhance your user experience so that website visitors stay on your website and give you the conversions you need.

Keyword Evaluations

Creating a highly converting website is not an easy task.

And the numbers tell us that. The average website converts less than 3% of it is visitors into customers. If the work of a CRO company were an easy task, most websites would be converting 20 or 30% of their visitors into customers.

The process of increasing your website conversion rate starts with doing a lot of groundwork to understand your market, your competitive landscape, and your target customers.

We focus on the metrics used by Google to get you site ranked and focus on our business smarts to help you get conversions on your site.


WebSite Hosting

Your website speed and stability depend a lot on the location and your choice of hosting data center. We work with the best hosting companies in the world and we choose the most powerful and innovative hardware with the latest web infrastructure for ultra fast websites.

The hosting provider you use is pivotal for good SEO. Google takes speed into account when ranking sites, a fast host and properly configured web caching technology is essential.

You will find it hard to increase Sales and Conversions without speeding up and tuning your website , Contact us to boost you organic search traffic & improve sales conversions.

Backlinks and Socials

Are you Serious about growing your online business in 2023?

You do not want people to come to your website and leave without buying stuff. There’s no point in getting tens of thousands of visitors but having little conversions.

When you increase organic conversion, you can comfortably focus on SEM, PPC, SEO, and everything else.

If you’re serious about getting more conversions, We’re ready to help.

Go From A Lot Of Guessing And Scattered Testing to measurable conversions and big results.

We start by understanding your business and your customers. We then use several tools to find broken areas in your site and landing pages. We then give you new designs and copy to fix these conversion killers.

We run AB testing so that your site visitors judge the quality of our work.

Best of all? You watch your revenue increase month after month.

Recent case studies & results


Managed a number of B2C health care sites as part of an omni channel strategy for a global healthcare providor.

Project success factor

A 18% increase in quarterly revenue and 38% reduction in SEO cost’s.

Retail Group

Re arranged all product data for 5 national brands for the largest fashion providor.

Project success factor

A 5% increase in quarterly revenue and 10% reduction in cost.

Noni B.

Identified significant speed and hosting issues. Implemented new hosting partner and reduced and removed redundant content.

Project success factor

A 78% increase in performance metrics and 45% reduction in hosting cost.

Other Clients…

Consolidated and optimised a number of websites to streamline bookings ,increase sales and customer retention.

Project success factor

Work in progress!

SEO Expertise

Analytics + Search Console

We can show you how to effectively use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to find errors on your website and get them fixed. Fixing errors and improving content leads to a better & more user-friendly website.

Project tasks include:

  • Setup of Analytics + Search Console
  • Fix mobile, sitemap, breadcrumb indexing, security, rich snippet , JSON-LD and schema setup
  • Setup SEO reporting to measure rankings, CTR, traffic, specific metrics
  • Content & SEO recommendations based off your analytics & traffic data

Keyword’s and Search terms

Data-driven keyword listing makes building content for your site easy. We use tools like Google Autocomplete, Ahrefs, SERPWorx and others to make sure you have a data-driven list of long-tail keywords.

Project tasks include:

  • Data-driven Keyword searches
  • Monthly Searches and refresh
  • LSI (similar) keywords
  • Low or medium competition
  • Researching competitor keywords

Content Optimization

You cant just rely on Yoast green lights. We make sure you’re using keywords in the right places and where they improve user experience. We add HTML table of contents, improve layouts, and making your website format properly when it’s shared on Social Media.

Project tasks include

  • SEO titles + meta descriptions
  • Social media optimization
  • Click-through rates
  • Image, text, content optimization
  • Items from our on-page SEO checklist

CTRS (Click-through Rates)

Getting people to click your Google snippets is just as important as ranking. We can optimize your snippets with rich snippets, FAQ snippets, better SEO titles + meta descriptions, publish dates (for time-sensitive blog posts), and even optimize for featured snippets using an HTML table of contents.

Project tasks include

  • Rich snippets
  • FAQ rich snippets
  • Publish dates (for blog posts)
  • SEO titles + meta descriptions
  • Higher CTR = higher rankings