Domain Renewal and Transfer FAQ

How do I renew my domain name?

To renew your domain, you need to pay the renewal fee to a domain registrar. Before your domain comes up for renewal, your registrar will notify the nominated person who manages your domain to renew the domain. At renewal make sure all the contact details you provided are correct. Follow your registrar’s domain name renewal process or allow us to manage this process for you.
Once the payment is made, your registrar will renew your domain. For more information, please contact us about the best renewal options for your business.

What will happen if I do not renew my domain name before its renewal date?

If you receive notification from your registrar that your domain is due for renewal and you do not renew or you do not even know it needs to be renewed your registrar will not renew the domain name.
This could result in your domain name being deleted.
Make sure your domains are registered with the correct email address and that the domain will be promptly renewed. For further information about domain renewals please contact us.

How can I tell when my domain name will expire

To check when your domain is due for renewal, type your domain name into the WHOIS search box at the top of this page. The field ‘Renewal Date’ will show the date for renewal. Your domain will completely expire 80 days after its renewal date if it is not renewed.

The renewal date of my ie domain has passed but the domain has not yet expired, why is this?

All .ie domains will be auto-renewed on their renewal date for 1-year. This means that the renewal fee will be automatically deducted from your Registrar Current Account. Please ensure that your Registrar has your payment information up-to-date. If your Registrar does not receive your payment, the domain fails to auto renew and it will enter Auto Renew Retry which lasts 45 days, during this time the domain can still be renewed. If the domain doesn’t get renewed during the 45 days, this will enter redemption period for 30 more days, during the Redemption Period the domain can still be renewed. If the domain is still not renewed during those 30 days, this will enter Pending Delete for 5 days, during these five days the domain can no longer be renewed or re-registered. It will take 80 days (if unpaid) from the expiry time and date when the domain is deleted and available for registration. The Registrant Contact and Administrative Contact will be contacted by email to inform them that the deletion process has begun for the domain name.

My domain has been suspended, what does this mean?

The most common reason for a domain name to be suspended is non-payment of the renewal fee to your current Registrar. A domain will be suspended on the 45th day after the renewal date has passed if the fee remains unpaid. When suspended, the domain name is still registered to the current holder, but does not have any functionality. This means that your website and emails will not operate. The suspension period lasts for an additional 30 days, after which your domain will enter Pending Delete state for 5 days. Payment of the renewal fee will still be accepted up to the point of domain entering Pending Delete state, which will occur 30 days after the suspension date. When the domain enters the 5 days Pending Delete state, the domain can no longer be renewed. After deletion, the domain name is removed from the .ie database and becomes available to the general public for re-registration on a first come first served basis.

If my application expires, will I have to resend all the documents I already sent when reapplying for the domain name?

Yes, if your application expires, your documents will need to be provided again.

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