Having a Faster Website Means More Sales for Your Business

By now you must be convinced that having a fast website isn’t just a nice to have: it’s critical to operating your online store.

Without a well designed website and fast-loading pages, you’ll lose customers, miss out on opportunities to convert, and end up with a bunch of disappointed customers.
And the worse thing is you will have wasted a lot of money.

53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load


Research has revealed that every 1-second delay in page speed after 2 seconds decreases customer satisfaction by 15%. Having a fast-loading website is not optional if you want to keep customers on your website.

So what’s driving this?

Well a lot of your Internet-savvy customers don’t remember when we did not have the internet because they were not around. These users expect the best possible experience, they won’t tolerate anything less. Having grown up using the likes Amazon they have become accustomed to fast seamless internet buying experiences.

More than two-thirds of people abandon their shopping carts because of slow page-loading speeds more than for any other reason.


Keep in mind that consumer expectations of their digital experiences is that it should be seamless and super responsive. Think about the effect our mobile phones are having on our expectations. We are used to swiping and displaying information in a small space quickly. When our mobile devices aren’t responsive enough for us during the shopping experience we will give up or go elsewhere.

The bottom line is that customers are more likely to do business with you if your website is fast. A fast website implies expertise, trust, and convenience.
Consumers don’t feel like they can trust companies whose websites take an eternity to load. Think about this: “if I can’t trust a company to get its website right, can I trust them to get their product right?”
You probably asked this yourself sometimes of some websites you have visited. Contact us and we can do an audit of your website and advise if any of the following could help your website:

  • Automated Image Optimization & Preloading
  • Script & Stylesheet Optimization Preloading
  • DNS Preloading
  • Reduction of Redirects and 3rd party resources.
  • AMP & PWA enabled websites

With organicseo.ie, you can achieve much lower loading times, display higher resolution images, and offer a better service to your potential customers and drive your internet revenue.

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A Fast Site Increases Sales Opportunities
Speeding up results in a 25% increase in pageviews.

A Fast Site Increases Revenue
Enhancing performance puts more money in the bank.

A Fast Site Lowers Operating Costs
Improved ROI, less PPC costs and decrease in overheads.

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