How to Add Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in WordPress

Two-factor authentication for WordPress is easier to set up than you might think, and adding WordPress two-factor authentication to your website will improve its security. If you’re concerned about brute-force attacks and hacking, you should switch to 2FA right away.

What is a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication (2FA), also known as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a security method in which users verify their identity using two different authentication factors. This procedure is carried out to better protect the user’s credentials and the resources that the user has access to.

Single-factor authentication (SFA), in which the user provides only one factor — typically a password or passcode — provides a lower level of security than two-factor authentication (TFA). Two-factor authentication requires a user to provide both a password and a second factor, usually a security token or a biometric factor like a fingerprint or facial scan.

You may have heard the phrase, ‘something you know, something you have’ and in 2FA this is knowing your password and having a phone where a code is sent for you to enter when logging in.

Because knowing the victim’s password alone is not enough to pass the authentication check, two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to the authentication process,
making it more difficult for attackers to gain access to a person’s devices or online accounts.

Add Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to WordPress

To set up two-factor authentication on your WordPress/Woo website you can use one of the several plugins available. At the moment 2FA is not built in the WordPress core so you need a plugin.
2FA is included in your site, click here to read how to set that up .

I have tested the WP 2TA plugin and the 2FA features of the Wordfence product. Both work very well and you will be up and running in a short time. Every site will have different requirements , please contact us today to setup a meeting to discuss your requirements.

If you need assistance setting up 2FA or any aspect of website security, please contact us today to setup a meeting to discuss your requirements or just to talk about how you can make your website more secure.

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